Maxing out your joy and minimizing the impact of upsets are learned skills. My blog is based on the belief we can learn from the experts, our own experience, and each other. Circumstances may differ, but they often reflect common basic truths. Happiness is a Habit…we can learn how, practice, and have fun! Post your questions and comments, and I’ll try to show you how you be happy if…


As a blizzard blankets New York, I think about layers of meaning for the word “snow job” Besides the flakes of white stuff whirling past my window and providing employment for street cleaners, “snow job” reminds me of the blather of celebs hawking their latest products and shows. To wit – yesterday on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show, Kirstie Alley – who is mainly famous for being fat – was spokesmodeling her personal weight-loss system. This system includes chicken wings with skin (where the fat is) and a green drink.

Immediately after these revelations, we broke for an infomercial, where experts informed us that obesity leads to diabetes, heart disease, and other revolting developments.  Who am I to believe? The medical experts – or celeb spokesmodels like Ms. Alley?

Ms. Alley also has a new TV reality show “My Big Life”, where, as a dateless single mom,  she raises kids, looks for a man,  and gives diet and decorating advice – like how to decorate a bedroom for romance.

Whoa! Talk about multi-tasking!  And what does this say about pop culture and celebrities?

Is celebrity itself a qualification?  Does Ms. Alley’s career as a sitcom star and former spokesmodel for a weight loss product (Jenny Craig) provide the credentials to tell people how to lose weight and gain romance?  Does her life in a romantic desert (with dessert) qualify her to advise the public?  I guess so – at least if you want to take the advice.

I know this blog post is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but, staying on focus with my theme “How To Be Happy If…” here goes –

Happiness Habits

  • Do what you love  (in this case, watching talk shows)
  • Make room for the occasional treat – like dishing celebs and pop culture
  • Learn from everyone – I have to admire Kirstie’s spunk and the way she makes the most of what she’s got

“No matter what the music, learn how to dance!”
Hugs 2 U Dr. Sue
Dr. Susan Horowitz (aka Dr. Sue) is a Motivational Speaker, Media Host, Singer-Songwriter “CD: Dr. Sue “Keys of Love” , Author of “Queens of Comedy” (Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Ellen DeGeneres etc.) “Read with Me” (Children’s Book of the Month Club), “I Am Loved” (Inspirational Poetry) “Blog: HOW TO BE HAPPY IF”
copyright 2010 Dr. Susan Horowitz (aka Dr. Sue)


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  1. Hey thanks for checking out the blog. Come back anytime


  2. You can learn from everybody!
    I was feeling kind of superior and snotty toward Kirstie because I am thin.
    But when I rethought it as a How To Be Happy experience, I realized that I could learn from her guts and spunk. She dares to put herself out there as fat and sexy instead of fat and ashambed.

    Also, I am probably jealous of the attention she is getting – that’s why I was snotty.
    If I want more attention, I should go out and get it (in a positive way, of course)!


  3. Posted by V on March 16, 2010 at 7:54 am

    I just watched Kirstie Alley on a news segment talking about her self-designed program. What I admire about her is her bravely taking charge of her life, in spite of all the negative attention she has been receiving by the relentless tabloids, and pursuing a path that works better for her. She talked about the need to curb her huge craving for food, which was her undoing with all the previous programs she tried. (she had been involved in sports in her youth and allowed to eat all she wanted, a hard habit to break in later life). The program she has created for herself is slowly and steadily working for her, and she is losing weight along with the cravings. Her weight goal is more reasonable this time around and therefore more reachable.

    As for the other reality show, she says part of the reason for creating it was to diffuse the constant harrassment of the papparazzi. Apparently they don’t like having the camera focus back at them, and the group diminishes daily. (hey, are you listening, Hollywood?…lol) And her other goal, she says, is to have a reality show on her terms that isn’t mean and backstabbing like so many others. Again, she is taking charge, and making herself happier in the process.


  4. Good point about Kirstie’s youthful sports activities leading to poor eating habits.

    I was doing my morning exercise at my college gym and happened to be there at the same time the teen and tween girls were warming up for a gymnastics meet.

    The girls were slim and very athletic and fit. The adult coaches were generally out of shape and munching on bacon, fries, doughnuts, eggs…

    The message seemed clear – fitness is for the young. Adults don’t care. Also, these coaches are role modeling the poor food habits that may create problems for the teens and tweens when they grow up.

    We owe our youth Happiness Habits.
    That includes healthy diet and exercise!

    Hugs 2 U Dr. Sue


  5. Posted by V on March 16, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    You are absolutely right! We owe our youth Happiness Habits.

    Kirstie mentioned being ashamed by what she has allowed her bad habits do to her and now wants to become a better role model as a result of her new path and convictions..let us wish her success!


  6. The problem is that many people associate eating junk food and a sedentary lifestyle with fun, relaxation and adult freedom. Fitness is only for youth and competition. That’s the message the coaches were sending the tween girls.

    For many people, healthy food habits and exercise are associated with the burden of self discipline and the nagging of self-righteous adults.

    If we can re-frame healthy habits as happiness habits, we will be more willing to do them.


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