Happiness Habits: Realistic Expectations/Flexible Behavior/Positive Focus

Maxing out your joy and minimizing the impact of upsets are learned skills. My blog is based on the belief we can learn from the experts – and each other. Circumstances may differ, but they often reflect common basic truths. Happiness is a Habit…we can learn how, practice & have fun!  Post your questions and comments, and I’ll try to show you how you be happy if…

Happiness Habits

  • Realistic Expectations/Flexible Behavior/Positive Focus

True Story: Performed  at Faculty Arts & Crafts Day. I was listed as a “Vocal”  and invited to perform for 10-15 minutes and given the last spot on the program (5:45pm).  Realistic Expectation: I knew that I was likely to get a small audience (this turned out to be true), but hoped to have fun performing, socialize, and enjoy other performances. Flexible Behavior: Since I was listed as “Vocal” I decided to sing only one song and read aloud my funny blog post “The Big Tweet”.  Flexible Behavior: When I got there, I volunteered to assist the person in charge.  She put me in charge of signing people in and keeping an eye on people’s displays, so nothing got damaged or taken.  That gave me a chance to build a social bond with a colleague, meet and greet people coming in – including an old friend who offered helpful advice. Positive Focus: I got appreciation for singing, tried out new comedy material, forged social bonds, and created happiness.

Please post your response – questions or comments below – love to hear from you!

Dr. Sue Horowitz is a Motivational, Entertaining Speaker, Singer-Songwriter,and Author of “Queens of Comedy” (interviews with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Joy Behar, etc.) “Read with Me” (Children’s Book of the Month Club), “I Am Loved” (Poetry)

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