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Maxing out your joy and minimizing the impact of upsets are learned skills. My blog is based on the belief we can learn from the experts, our own experiences,  and each other. Circumstances may differ, but they often reflect common basic truths. Happiness is a Habit…we can learn how, practice, and have fun! Post your questions and comments, and I’ll try to show you how you be happy if…

Happiness Habits

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  • Realistic Expectations/Flexible Behavior/Positive Focus
  • Set Goals, Acknowledge Success, Build in Rewards, Have Fun!
  • Do Your Deadlines, Do Your Daily, Do Your Dream!
  • Do what you love -include bits of what you love to do in what you have to do!
  • Prioritize and Focus. Do Needs then Treats: Do what you have to do so you can do what you get to do (The Great Debaters)
  • To Do, To Done, Ta-Dah! (Time Management)
  • Learn from everyone – wisdom and good tips show up in unexpected places
  • Be flexible and persistent
  • Focus on the positive – what opportunities does the situation offer?
  • Get accurate information – challenge your negative beliefs.
  • Vent by writing – on paper, Emails, blogs, etc. (Conflict Resolution)
  • Put things in perspective – how important is this in the large scheme of things?
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt – be slow  to accuse and quick to correct yourself (Conflict Resolution)
  • Communicate without accusation – ask questions, check facts – you won’t have to apologize later. (Conflict Resolution)
  • Set Clear  Goals – write them down, give yourself a deadline, measure your results
  • Live by and teach clear, fair rules, accountability, and ways of correcting mistakes
  • When you can’t get what you want, think about how to make yourself happy anyway
  • When someone is sad, listen and try to guide him/her to something positive. If they’ll go there, great! If not, get out of the swamp!
  • Make someone else happy – taking the focus off yourself and onto others can cheer you up!
  • Encourage other people to participate in positive activities – lead by example.
  • Find out what people already know and teach them something new -show respect for their knowledge and share yours
  • Avoid public confrontations (if possible) – you’ll get better cooperation and communication
  • Wear clothes and shoes that feel look, look good, and suit the occasion
  • Create and connect to a positive community of friends, family, and activity partners – and don’t expect people to be perfect
  • Be generous with your compliments – people crave appreciation
  • Pay attention to the person you’re with and don’t make or imply negative comparisons by comments or looks
  • Happiness is an inside job – you can’t change what’s outside you – you can change how you feel about it
  • Focus on the Positive – denial doesn’t work – but shifting focus does
  • Exercise regularly – it benefits your body, mind, and mood
  • Be friendly- you will brighten your day, make positive connections, and learn new things
  • Choose a supportive venue. It’s not just the activity – it’s the values of the crowd.
  • See things in context – it’s usually not about you – it’s about the other person’s needs.
  • Be friendly and courteous…copy good behavior – not bad.
  • Be a fun activity partner.  Improve your skills and be fun to be with.
  • Don’t take rudeness personally. When someone is rude, it’s usually not about you -and it doesn’t demand confrontation.
  • Don’t escalate the argument. It’s usually counter-productive – the most angry, rude person wins (if you can call it winning).
  • Do take signs of an explosive temper seriously. Major abuse begins with little tests – if you go along with it, you enable it.
  • Do protect yourself and others – speak to authorities, file a report
  • If you’re the one with anger issues – get help – before it gets out of hand.
  • Motivate yourself  and a friend. Be a “Happiness Buddy”
  • Face your addictions –  any habit that 1. you can’t control  2. interferes with leading a healthy, productive, enjoyable life
  • Find positive alternatives to addiction – like exercise, friends, and family.
  • Fantasy connections are exciting – but don’t have much to do with the other person
  • Enjoy your life – in and out of cyberspace!
  • Practice an attitude of gratitude
  • Do what you love

Please post your questions, stories, comments, and suggestions – we learn from each other!

“No matter what the music, learn how to dance”

Hugs 2 U Dr. Sue

Dr. Susan Horowitz is a Motivational, Entertaining Speaker, Professor, Singer-Songwriter (CD “Keys of Love”) and Author of “Queens of Comedy” (interviews with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Joy Behar, etc.) “Read with Me” (Children’s Book of the Month Club),  “I Am Loved” (Poetry).


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